Exception مُستثنی

Date: 2014 -2020

The challenge that I had with my tool, was how to represent reality by means of a very tool which didn’t intend to be loyal to reality. In one of my trips where I had my Sony cyber-shot camera, I started taking panoramic photos of the road. That was there when I accidentally discovered that moving the camera in a wavy way captures the objects and the scenes in segments creating very unique and amazing images. I have taken photo many of these images on numerous trips. In this set, there are exceptions between being and not being, and cars are the same exception. The cars are moving in the opposite direction of the viewer that make them to be lost between seeing or not seeing. The collection begins with exposing the visible reality and ends up with expressing the unseen reality. Obviously the distortion of photos is apart from reality, still the fractions of reality has been preserved. Playing with the concept of representation and turning the objective perspective into an abstract conception and keeping the whole reality just at the threshold of virtual realm.